Christina & Mike: The Pinery at Black Forest

We love fun weddings!

Christina might be one of the most joyous people we’ve ever met. She exudes fun and excitement, and her smile is very contagious. Mike is as cool as they come, and he and his boys had tons of laughing and goofing around all day, giving us great shots.

This whole wedding had an incredible energy, which I tried to capture with this highlight film of their day. The movement, the laughter, the celebration…

A highlight film is a completely new and modern way to capture the memories of your wedding day. Perfect to share on Facebook, and to cherish forever.

On a side note, let’s talk a bit about “resilience of attitude”: when Mike and the groomsmen arrived at The Pinery, they soon discovered the tux shop hadn’t delivered any tuxes.

That’s right. No tuxedos.

But did either of them freak out? Did they stress? Nope. They knew, as we knew (unfortuneately, this is not the first time we’ve seen this happen…), that it all would work itself out. And it did.

Everything was on time, beautiful and perfect. And it was all made possible by Christina and Mike’s “resilience of attitude” they displayed that day.

What a pleasure it is to capture these weddings for couples like this.