Ashley and Brayden: The Sanctuary Golf Course

Winter weddings in Colorado are only for the most-resilient and flexible minded of souls. As those who have spent any winters on Colorado’s Front Range know, one day it can be 60 degrees and sunny and the next day it can be a frozen blizzard. Fortunately, we Coloradans have way more of the former, than the latter. *Shhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone! Colorado is actually really warm and mild most days in the winter.*

Ashley and Brayden’s wedding at The Sanctuary Golf Course in Sedalia, CO  was a stunning sun-bathed winter day, which happened to be sandwiched on either side by really winter-y weather. I think everyone involved knew how blessed we all were to have such nice weather, and the love and joy was over-flowing.

The Sanctuary is, hands-down, one of the most picturesque spots in Colorado, and that late evening sunlight bathing an amazing golden glow across the already breathtaking landscape was simply too much. We are truly spoiled to work in such beautiful environments.