Gwen & Jason: The Rollins Mansion & Wooly’s in Des Moines

Iowa weddings are different. Not “different” bad, but “different”… awesome.

First of all, for those of you who think of corn and pig farms when you think of Iowa: you don’t have a clue. Des Moines is actually one of the coolest, artsy-est cities I’ve ever been to, partied in and worked in. Who knows? Maybe it’s because of the fact that all Iowa used to be known for was corn and pig farms that such a vibrant art / music scene even developed in the first place? Sheer boredom breeds necessity, and necessity is the mother of invention…

I kid. And I digress.

Gwen and Jason elected for a traditional ceremony at The Rollins Mansion, followed by snacks and cake at a “mini-reception”, of sorts… no dancing… no toasting… cut and dry. Well, not “dry”, per se… this is Iowa and there was a bar, after all.

Why was the “mini-reception” so short and sweet? Because the best was yet to come as the party shifted over to one of Des Moines popular music venues, Wooly’s, and Gwen and Jason thew a party for all their friends with the headliners of the evening, Tea Leaf Green.

Now a note about Tea Leaf Green: I am not a “Jam Band” fan. My wife, Charlotte, and apparently everyone else who lives in Iowa are HUGE jam band fans. The band’s website describes them as “a jam-minded party on legs”.  Well, apparently I am a huge fan of “parties on legs” because… HOLY CRAP! These guys brought the house down!! Their live performance chops were stunning.

You know how disappointing it is when music acts can’t pull of their album sound live? Well, brothers and sisters, Tea Leaf Green has absolutely no problem “pulling off their sound” live, in fact, I might even be so bold as to suggest they even improve upon their sound live… dangerous, I know. These boys were meant for large rooms, bright lights and live audiences. It was amazing.

Speaking of amazing, let’s go back to the wedding!

By the end of the night, it really seemed like all of Des Moines was at Wooly’s partying. And to see so many people celebrating and pouring out joy and love for two incredibly fun and humble people was inspiring AND it was an honor to capture the night for them.

Thank you both for your patience through the editing process, and for trusting me to capture your day.