Black Canyon Inn:
Shaun & David

Shaun and David are avid rock climbers, and one of the things about being a good rock climber is you can’t afford to get “frazzled”. If you’re prone to freaking out about challenges or temporary setbacks, you’re not going to fair very well on that wall… a calm level-headedness is required to think your way around a blocked route and quick rational reactions are required when a finger-hold or toe-hold slips loose. These traits are also quite helpful on your wedding day! ; )

But the most important part of a climber’s success (and safety) is a faithful and steadfast partner. And as David’s Best Man pointed out in his toast, they’ve found the perfect partner in each other for the biggest climb of their lives: marriage.

This wedding was a chill, heartfelt and intimate celebration for all involved. What a pleasure it was to capture this day for them.