OSMP Halfway House:
Casey & Martin

A Wedding at The OSMP Halfway House in Boulder: Casey & Martin

At Casey and Martin’s wedding, her father told me about the day he almost lost his daughter.

One day long ago, Casey almost died.

I think her father told me it was a car wreck.

Apparently, she ended up under the car, and thought, “This can’t be the end. I’ve done nothing I’ve wanted to do…”

Needless to say, Casey didn’t die, and once she mended she suddenly informed he family that she was going to do everything she’d every wanted. Including seeing Europe.

So Casey (already a free-spirit) up and left on a short trip to Europe… and never came back.

What was supposed to be a simple short tour of Europe turned into a year, then two…

Then sent word home: she’d fallen in love, in Prague. She’d met a devilishly-handsome young man named Martin, with the same mischievous glint in his eye and lust for life as she had.

Fast-forward to their wedding day, I can tell you that their joie de vivre was palpable, and made taking their photographs an absolute joy.

We all should have such awakenings.

We all should have such love for life!