Dry Gulch Placer:
Sarah & Jason

Wedding Photography at Dry Gulch near Breckenridge, CO

Even though I grew up 20 miles away from Dry Gulch, I had no idea it was even there. That’s how secluded it is. Literally, it is 15 minutes outside of Breckenridge, but you had better have a sturdy 4-wheel drive vehicle, or it’s going to be interesting. Us? We had a Honda Accord sedan… it was interesting at times, to say the least!

But the charm of Dry Gulch is that it has all of the beauty of Breckenridge without the hassle of Breckenridge. I mean, let’s face it, in the height of the summer/fall tourism season, getting around Breck with all of the “gapers” (the local colloquialism for tourists) filling the streets and sidewalks can be a little harrowing (not to mention time-consuming).

But at Dry Gulch, there’s not another soul around for miles, but you still have the same (if not better) views, and all the amenities: electricity, heat, plumbing… Bottom line? If you’re willing to rent some buses and haul everybody out there, Dry Gulch is the bomb party venue.

The best part is Dry Gulch’s rustic, laid-back atmosphere. Sarah and Jason took full advantage of it, and it perfectly matched their vibe. Totally two people who could climb the world’s tallest mountains, but also sit back and enjoy a fine wine, just watching the sun set on the Ten Mile Range.

It was a blast to photograph this High Country wedding. Thank you Sarah and Jason for trusting us to capture your perfect mountain wedding.