Hudson Gardens:
Erin & Joey

A Wedding at Hudson Gardens: Erin &Joey

Erin and Joey are another one of those “in-the-family” referral weddings. Through word of mouth, a friend of hers knew Brittany and Rhead, who heard great things about us from Kim and Andy! That’s right: the word of mouth “circle” is 3 levels deep by Erin and Joey’s wedding!

Somehow from LA, and brief trips out here to visit his family, they managed to pull together a terrific wedding. Hudson Gardens is a terrific place for a wedding. They were married in the Monet Gardens, which are simply stunning.

Here’s what I think was the most amazing part: the reception was in Joey’s parents’ backyard. And it was the swankiest, cutest, most fun reception I’ve seen in a long time. Joey’s house had a terraced and impeccably landscaped backyard with tons of room. And Erin decked it out with lots of Asian paper lanterns, stylishly decorated cocktail tables, with linens and candles… the whole nine! The most impressive element of this massive transformation was the custom dance floor complete with huge white curtains (built in side flash bounce, anyone?) that Joey’s parents built by hand. (They actually have nothing to do with it now, so if anyone wants a custom dance floor let me know…)

But let’s be honest here, Coloradans: Erin and Joey have HUGE huevos (no offense, Erin, it’s not literal). Only Californians would plan an entirely outdoor reception in Colorado with no tent or backup plan! It was sooooo lucky that Colorado decided to play nice that day. And rare. Erin, we have clients galore who would have killed for the kind of weather you CA types brought with you that day. Weather changes here in Colorado. All the time. It’s not 80 and sunny everyday, all day : ).

And like most of our clients this year, Joey and Erin had the rowdiest group of friends. The night was legendary, let’s leave it at that…

Oh, and how nice is this: Erin and Joey had a couple of friends attending the wedding, Marisa and Dan, who are getting married in 2010 at the GardenW of the Gods Club. Well, wouldn’t you know it? By the start of the reception, Erin was talking their ears off about how much she thought of us, I showed them a couple of photos straight off the back of the camera and… the “circle” continues 4 LEVELS deep!! Ain’t word-of-mouth from happy clients grand?