The Lodge at Cathedral Pines
Mallori & Patrick

A Wedding at The Lodge at Cathedral Pines

This was one of our first weddings in Black Forest, CO after the huge fire that blazed through the area in June 2013. We could still remember distinctly the horror we felt as we watched the news footage of flames tearing through the Cathedral Pines area of Black Forest. I was personally sure the Lodge at Cathedral Pines was a loss. From the footage on the news, it had to be.

But, thankfully, I was wrong. The Lodge was perfectly intact. I was very relieved, as I am sure Mallori and Patrick were, too! But we still didn’t know the extend of the damage to the beautiful forest surrounding the lodge.

Driving into Black Forest, signs of the blaze were seen intermittently along the roadside, but much to our delight, the vast majority of that noble, sprawling forest was untouched and completely intact. At The Lodge itself, the scenery was pristine. What a blessing! As you can see in the photos, when the sunlight is streaming through the pine canopy at the end of the day, the light is simply breathtaking.

Mallori and Patrick’s wedding was a pure celebration. Both for the new marriage, and for the fact that disaster had been averted for so many people, and for one stunning wedding.