Palazzo Verdi:
Jocelyn & Chase

A Wedding at Palazzo Verdi: Jocelyn & Chase

So here we are in April. Maybe, just maybe, Colorado will start playing nice in terms of weather? Nope. The day before this wedding, which was a HUGE wedding (all day unlimited photography, 300+ guests, at Palazzo Verdi…) I-25 was SHUT DOWN. I-25 is rarely shut down. The snow was coming in “sideways-like”. So, needless to say, we were quite nervous about this one!

The day of we left around 7 am, and things weren’t looking so hot. Monument and Castle Rock heading north were a nightmare. Snow was still coming in sideways. It was bitter cold, with gusts of wind that chilled your very soul. Once we got to Palazzo Verdi, things were better in the sense that Denver had no snow, but it had simply become a frozen, stinging rain with wind. Not good.

The second we got inside for the rehearsal, everything looked a lot brighter, regardless of what the weather was doing because Jocelyn and Chase were on cloud nine!

I don’t mean to beat a dead horse on this topic, but it really it paramount: the attitudes of our clients on the day of their weddings have been nothing short of inspiring. Nothing was gonna keep this wedding from being an absolute joy for Jocelyn and Chase.

Once everyone was done getting ready, a miracle began to happen. The whipping winds began to give way to only gusty winds and… the sun came out. Hallelujah! The sun came out!

You see, that’s the payoff for a great attitude, and this is Colorado after all. You’re pretty much guaranteed to see all kinds of weather in the course of a single day. Just keep your head up, and you’ll see the sun!

Now on to my ode to Jocelyn: she worked her butt off planning this wedding. This wedding was so chill and easy, and a lot of that is credit to Jocelyn. First of all, her venue, Palazzo Verdi, was simply stunning. The multi-million dollar chandelier-art-installation-light-show-thing (that is clearly the focal point of the design of the entire building) is truly one-of-a-kind and was a joy to photograph. Second, Jocelyn noticed this little apple (or cherry, I don’t know trees…) orchard a few blocks away which ended up being the perfect spot for couple shots in that otherwise industrialized area that is the Denver Tech Center. She even had the presence of mind to have her hair in an “up-do”, which was imperative for “fly-away free” shooting that day. Very smart bride, folks. Take notes, ladies.