A Private Home in Gypsum: Shaylynn & Troy

Go big or go home.

I’ve seen cowboy weddings. I’ve seen big weddings. But I’ve never seen a big cowboy wedding quite like this…

Shay and her Mom did almost everything themselves. “Pinterest-on-steroids” if you will. Char and I have never seen anything like it. It was astounding the amount of work they put into the details. This whole gallery would easily be detail shots if I included it all.

Even more amazing was Shay’s parents’ home. Dead-smack in the middle of the Gypsum Creek valley, their huge family property was surrounded by 360-degree views of the jaw-dropping variety. We honestly told them they should let other brides rent out the property. It was perfect for a rustic wedding.

Good thing they had all that land, because they needed room for 300+ people to park, sit, eat, and party. And boy, did they party. We love weddings because of the celebration, but when Shay’s dad heard they had run out of beer within half-an-hour of the cocktail party starting (and not for lack of supply, they had a ton of beer), Char and I knew we were about to capture something special.

There was hootin’. There was hollerin’. There was love and laughter. And most amazingly, there were gruff-and-stoic cowboy-daddy tears. I love when us tough-guys cry. It’s even more touching. My own kiddos have seen me cry once, and my 8 year-old daughter was horrified. “Daddy, you don’t cry!”

Hopefully, her current shock transitions to bittersweet tears of her own by the time she gets married, because Shay’s daddy may have shown his heart that night, but his emotional display won’t even hold a candle to my waterworks when my baby girl gets married. I’m gonna be a blubbering mess.

But, then again, I am not a died-in-the-wool cowboy, so that’s probably expected. ; )