Rockledge Country Inn
Jenn and Todd

A Wedding at The Rockledge Country Inn: Jenn & Todd

Jenn was absolutely, positively, the most energized, confident bride. Resplendent in her sleek, extremely flattering gown, flamboyantly displaying her tattoos and blue hair accents (something blue…). Apparently, Jenn used to do some modeling or wanted to… I can’t remember what her mom told me, but she was a natural. Every turn, look, stare and laugh was gorgeous.

We had a blast that day, and her exuberance even rubbed off on Todd, who was a little more reserved and self-conscious to start, but man, the moment the two of them came together, it was pure romantic sparks and magic.

Todd did not hesitate to sweep her up, flirt, laugh, and outright make-out with Jenn as we cavorted around the grounds of the Rockledge Inn. And nothing could hold back the joy of the day, not the wind, not the rain, which gave way to blisteringly bright sun, which gave way to rain, again. Both Jenn and Todd and their guests were jubilant, fun, and endearing, which made for one really memorable wedding.

My favorite moment was when Jenn’s mom surprised the couple with two red lamp shades during the start of their first dance. You see, Jenn and Todd had put a hilarious photo of a couple ballroom dancing with lampshades on their heads on their invitations (promising, in my opinion, that a good time would be had at the wedding by all), and Jenn’s mom wanted to recreate the photo live. The entire wedding erupted in laughter and applause as the couple donned the shades and proceeded to dance quite elegantly across the wind-whipped back patio of the Inn (with only a little stumbling..). Then the lampshades came off and Char and I captured some really dramatic photos against the backdrop of this raging storm-front atop Pikes Peak.

Thank you Jenn and Todd for sharing your incredible day with us. Your photos are stunning, which I hope is how the legacy of your marriage will be, as well.