V3 Ranch, Breckenridge:
Kasia & Michael

A Wedding at the V3 Ranch in Breckenridge: Kasia & Michael

What can be said about Kasia and Michael except “perfect together”, “rowdy”, and “jealousy-inducing”? I could write for hours about this wedding. And I just might, too.

Seriously, if you can’t have fun doing this job, it can be a real chore. Fortunately, all of our clients are fun people, so we really love our job. But Kasia and Michael set a new bar, a new high mark for what “fun” can be. And the wedding day did not disappoint.

As I’ve said before, I already love Jewish weddings. Hands down, they are my favorites because they are the best at combining observant ritual and solemnity with jubilant celebration and rowdiness. I mean, they hoist people 7 feet in the air and dance around with them in a circle!?! What is more of a signal to party your butt off than that?? (The Hora is a fantastic photography opportunity, every time. That look of excitement, laughter and sheer terror combined is priceless!)

Kasia and Michael planned a super chill, super laid-back, large wedding. I point out the “large part” because it’s very hard to have a “large” wedding and still master the “chill” and “laid back” part. But they did. And even through the high-country sun was blazing hot, the laughter and smiles never ceased.

V3 Ranch is the perfect mountain wedding venue. Iit is a very large, beautifully designed and constructed custom home on a HUGE spread of private land, tucked deep into the slopes below Boreas Pass just outside Breck. From the vantage point of the home and ceremony site, you cannot see a single other home or structure for miles, just the incredible majestic vista of the Tenmile Range. The coolest part? The whole fun town of Breck is really 5 minutes below it, but you just can’t see it!

The final shot of the evening for Char and I was Kasia and Michael roasting s’mores by the campfire pit. What a fantastic way to wrap photography, and what a fantastic wedding to capture for such a loving couple and family.