Willow Ridge Manor:
Jill & Matt

A Wedding at Willow Ridge Manor: Jill and Matt

Hot, hot, heat! Not only were Jill and Matt stunningly hot together, but it literally was a hot, hot day. Maybe the hottest day of the year. By the time we got the couple and wedding party down to the area we like to shoot in at Red Rocks, it was probably near or over 100º!!! And that’s with the clouds casting a fair amount of shade at times.

So the challenges facing a photographer in this situation are: how do you keep the energy up, everyone happy, keep everyone from sweating too much, and get great photos all the while?!?

We did it by keeping everything light and fun, the girls were better off in dresses that the boys all in black, so we made sure that the boys had coats off and were hiding in shade as much as possible. We kept our energy up and made sure we kept the laughs going and the smiles flowing… oh, and we shot really fast!… and lo and behold, we got amazing photos from everyone! My favorite photo is of the boys mimicking the girls walking with the bouquets.

Jill was absolutely radiant, and Matt had that handsome swarthiness that just looks great in a tux. I knew from their engagement photos that they were going to take amazing couple photos, I just had no idea how good.