Arrowhead Golf Club:
Joy & Luke

A Wedding at Arrowhead Golf Club: Joy and Luke

Mmmmmmm… Arrowhead Golf Course… what a fantastic little piece of heaven!

It really is something to behold the natural splendor of this place. Even though it is “just” a golf course, the simple majesty of it all indues a sense of the spiritual. Even I could enjoy a round of golf there I think, and I am horrible at golf.

We’ve always had fantastic weddings at Arrowhead. I think the backdrop alone plays a big part in that success: we are all very inspired.

Add that natural beauty to the authentic love of Luke and Joy, then you’ve got something spectacular. I was especially touched by how openly emotional Luke was. He was overwhelmed with joy… for Joy. I always appreciate a man who can show his emotions: I was a wreck on my wedding day!

This wedding also has a fantastic example of a pre-ceremony “reveal”, which is when the couple elects to see each other before the ceremony. We don’t just have them get ready, walk out, and we’re shooting. We like to “make a moment” of the reveal, and it never disappoints. This wedding was the epitome of a great reveal.

Please check out a wedding video we captured at Arrowhead Golf Club, too!