The Cliff House at Pikes Peak: Logan and David

A Wedding at The Cliff House at Pikes Peak: Logan and David

First of all, let me please point out the obvious: THAT DRESS! Holy cow, what a classy number Logan’s dress was! Amazing. It fit in perfectly with the elegant surroundings of The Cliff House at Pikes Peak.

And to make her vintage dress even more amazing is the fact that it was her grandmother’s dress, and two other women in her family have been married in that dress! So counting Logan, that makes 4 women who were married in that stunningly elegant dress.

Which bring to mind two questions:

  1. Could we make a dress that durable and resilient today? I tend to doubt whether we could or not. Just seems like they made things better back then…
  2. Could we make a dress that is a conservative style, but still elegant and sexy? Again, I think not: we’ve lost touch with the art of classy beauty like they had back then…

But I digress…

There are two other points I must mention about this amazing wedding.

  1. Rowdy, rowdy, ROWDY! I love rowdy weddings, and this wedding was filled with so much joy that when the dancing started, the ballroom exploded. All generations, out there shaking their booties and living it up. I was awesome to behold.
  2. Tough as nails. I know it may seem hard to believe, but Logan was really, really sick. It was either food poisoning from the couple days before, or a flu bug from Hell. In either case, she should have been in bed, if not at Urgent Care getting fluids. But like many heroic women before her, somehow, when the day got rolling and she said, “I do”, she found this inner reserve of stregth that floors me to this day. I cannot believe, looking at these photos, that Logan was sick as a dog. She really rose to the occasion, and I think she is simply stunning in these photos!