The Edgewood Inn:
Amy & Dan

A Wedding at The Edgewood Inn in Woodland Park

What do you think of when you think of a September wedding in Colorado? The first touches of changing aspen leaves? Crisp evenings? Cuddling by a fire?

Sure! That’s what Colorado is all about!

How about flash-flooding?


No one?

Not a surprise. No one saw those flash floods coming. As if we hadn’t had enough trouble with natural disasters over the last two years in Colorado. But lo! And Behold! In the week before Amy and Dan’s wedding, suddenly Highway 24 (the ONLY way to get to Woodland Park from the Front Range of Colorado) was being closed on a regular basis from flash flooding.

You see, the Waldo Canyon fire left behind a HUGE burn scar that runs right along the highway. And after the fire, the soil got nice and hard, almost like a tennis court. And just like a tennis court, water kind of just rolls off of it, instead of soaking in… and, well, that water has to go somewhere, generally downhill, and the shortest distance happened to be right down the highway.

Needless to say, we were freaking out. Rainstorms were looming over the burn scar, and there was a wedding to get to. So we put on a brave face and trudged on through the rain and very luckily, for us that day: no flash floods.

Long story short, Colorado is a spectacular place for a wedding. I mean, just look at the views from The Edgewood Inn! But the flip-side is that Colorado can be a little temperamental, too. From high winds to flash floods, there’s always something lurking weather-wise around these parts. The bottom line is that couples who are planning a wedding in Colorado need to be creative and strong. You WILL get views and vistas like no one else. You WILL be wowed and awed by the splendor.

You just might have to improvise a little.

And have a lot of fun.