The Garden of the Gods Club: Kristina & Curt

Kristina and Curt’s Wedding at The Garden of the God’s Club

Whooo-weeeee was this wedding full of “close calls”.

First of all, 1 week before the wedding the venue, The Garden of the Gods Club, was smack dab in the middle of the Waldo Canyon Fire evacuation zone. For a while there everybody was scrambling to find a new venue for this lavish wedding. Their wedding planner, Stephany Knierim, at SK Event Specialists even managed to get an emergency venue in the form of The Broadmoor Hotel (not a bad 2nd choice, and it’s amazing they even had a ballroom open!)

But then the fires were contained and the evacuation zone lifted just days before the wedding, and IT WAS ON!

The spirits were so high all around the wedding that day, it seemed that nothing could dampen the spirits of all in attendance…

… and then the most massive thunderheads I’ve seen in a long time began to shadow Pikes Peak and from our gorgeous vantage point, high above the Garden of the Gods, we could see the power of the storm surrounding us by the sheets of rain that began to block-out the landscape all around us.

By the time the ceremony rolled around, Char and I were sure that everybody was going to get soaked. The clouds were literally swirling above the ceremony, and the wind was whipping so hard that Kristina’s veil barely stayed on her head!

But, Kristina and Curt put on a brave face and pressed on, and lo-and-behold, it didn’t start to pour until the last photo was taken after the ceremony, and all the wedding party and guests were safely inside the reception.

While the “close calls” made for a very exciting wedding, the beauty of it, and the emotion of it were awesome.

Thank you both for trusting Charlotte and I to capture your amazing day.

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