Shove Chapel:
Melissa & Bryce

Shove Chapel is Gothic Romance at its BEST

Melissa and Bryce’s wedding featured some of the best wedding venues Colorado Springs has to offer.

First up is Shove Chapel. It’s dark, dramatically lit interior adds so much romantic drama to the already imposing Gothic-style cathedral with its soaring columns and high arching ceiling. Images captured in the chapel immediately evoke the same feelings when viewing a Chiaroscuro Master’s work, like Rembrandt.

We love playing with the dramatic interiors of Shove, and the outside Colorado College Commons are a diametric opposite: lavish light pouring through lush green trees on perfectly manicured grass. 

If you can’t tell, we LOVE photographing weddings at Shove Chapel.

The Garden of the Gods Club has the best views in the state of Colorado

Second up is the reception site for Melissa and Bryce’s wedding: The Garden of the Gods Club. Now, I’ve waxed poetic about the Garden of the Gods Club in plenty of other posts over the years, so if this is repetitive for you, I apologize, but I can’t help myself! It’s amazing!

The perfectly manicured lawn opens upon the most breathtaking views of the rock monoliths of The Garden of the Gods with the world-famous Pikes Peak looming behind them. The afternoon/evening views from the vantage point of the West Lawn are unparalleled and make for exquisite photography.

In addition to their un-matched outdoor views, the recently renovated ballroom for wedding receptions offers brides and grooms the perfect place for a reception at once refined and elegant AND rowdy, raucous fun.

It was a joy to photography this wedding for Melissa and Bryce at these amazing venues. Thank you both for choosing Trystan Photography to capture your perfect day!

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