Timber Ridge at Keystone:
Kasey & Drew

A Wedding at Timber Ridge at Keystone Ski Resort


Why does it have to be rain??

Yup. There we were, at the top of the world in Colorado’s High Country, at Timber Ridge, an amazing wedding venue tucked deep into Keystone Resort’s gorgeous terrain… and it’s raining. Not a little drizzle here and there, but this cold, soaking kind-of-constant rain.

A lesser bride would have shown signs of worry and stress. Not Kasey. She just laughed and enjoyed  the company of her closest friends (and a cocktail or two), and was simply radiant as we waited for breaks in the weather.

Thankfully, the breaks did come (modern weather radar apps on our phones are priceless for just this situation), and Kasey and Drew not only managed to squeeze in a perfect ceremony, but we also found just enough nice weather to get a lot of amazing shots of the couple and groups.

None of this would have even been remotely possible if not for the fantastic attitudes of our amazing clients, and the fearless planning/leadership of Johnna Patton, Ski Country’s best wedding coordinator at Distinctive Mountain Events.

Thank you, Kasey and Drew, for trusting us to capture your amazing (if a bit soggy) day!